Join the al corso Bottle Keep Program

A great way to collect and share your favorite wines and spirits!

We believe that good whisky and wine should be enjoyed with good friends and family. For this very reason this past February we launched the al corso “Bottle Keep” program, the first of its kind in the area. Our bottle keep is made up of 16 individual boxes located above the bar area of the restaurant.


As you know, you can purchase whiskey at our restaurant by the dram, and our wine by the glass or bottle. Sometimes it happens that you run across something that you really enjoy, and you’d like to make sure that we have the bottle available the next time you visit. Perhaps you are bringing new guests and you’d like to impress them with a limited edition bottle of whiskey or wine at the table. Maybe you are a wine or whiskey connoisseur, or maybe you’d like to become one. This is where your private Bottle Keep box comes into play. When you sign up for a Bottle Keep box for the year, you will be able to purchase and store any bottle of whiskey or wine purchased through al corso in your own private locker. The next time you visit, we'll be sure to bring down any bottle from your box. When you have had enough, we will store your bottles in your box for your next visit. 


Not only will you have access to anything currently on our whisky or wine lists, but as a Bottle Keep box member you will also have access to our exclusive Bottle Keep Menu. On this menu you may find whisky or wine that we may not ever add to our lists, or that you may not be able to find in stores. In addition, you will be the first to know when we receive word about exciting promotions on rare or limited bottles of whisky or wine!


Corporate Boxes

The Bottle Keep is also a great opportunity to show your clients that you care! Fill your corporate bottle keep box with some of your favorite bottles. The next time you have special guests in town be sure to let us know and we can bring down a special bottle of wine, whiskey, or cognac from your box. 


How do I become a Bottle Keep member?

The cost to rent a Bottle Keep box for the year is $200.00. Boxes can be shared by multiple individuals. Your membership benefits include:


  • One private box in the al corso bottle keep;

  • 10% year-round discount on food (liquor excluded), cannot be combined with other promotional certificates (an either/or option for you) and;

  • Access to exclusive promotions on whiskey, spirits, and wine.


If you are interested in signing up for a box, please send us an email at We will follow up with the registration/preferences form. We have a limited number of boxes still available. Boxes will be rented out on a first-come, first-served basis.