Welcome to the Collins Marsh


Don't let appearances fool you. The population of Collins may be just over 150 inhabitants, but that count doesn't include the 1000s of birds that call the Collins Marsh their home throughout the year. The Collins Marsh is a 4,200 acre state wildlife area located in al corso's backyard.


Excerpt from the Neustadter Nature Center (Collins, WI): 


"In 1954, a group of people met in the Rathskeller of the Rahr Malting Company and decided to form an organization (Conservation Education Inc. aka CEI) to promote conservation through education. CEI expanded their efforts in 1959 by raising public funds to help the state purchase the land that would later become the Collins Marsh wildlife area. In less than one year they accomplished their goal. Today CEI serves many different functions including the Collins Marsh and the Nature Center." 


The Collins Nature Center includes a screened in shelter, a 110 foot tower, as well as a grill and a bonfire pit. Birders, hunters, photographers, kayakers, and hikers will have plenty to explore should they venture to Manitowoc County. Canoes are available to rent to the public for $5 day and are a great way to get out and explore the outdoors. Sandhill cranes, osprey, yellow-headed blackbirds, and bald eagles are just a few of the birds that you can observe throughout the year visiting the Collins Marsh.